SEO Widget for Publishers

Gain more traffic from Google and other search engines.

ONLY NOW: 1 year free for alpha testers

SEO Widget for Publishers

Our Newstral SEO Widget helps Google to understand what is the most important topic of your post.

  • Gain more traffic from Google and other search eingines.
  • Google loves text. This widget generates highly relevant content for Google.
  • Statictically proven approach.
  • Easy installation: Just copy and paste a few lines of HTML.
  • FREE for at least 1 year (If you participate now in our alpha test)

How it works

When we built Newstral, we came up with a SEO strategy that doubled our traffic. That very same approach still works today. We now believe that you could benefit from our technology stack, too. So we built a widget for you.

Typically, when you optimize your news articles or blog posts for Google, you make sure that you repeat the most important search terms troughout your text, right?

Our SEO Widget does this work for you. It selects related headlines from the Web and publishes links to them below the comment section of your article. So finally your article is enriched with highly relevant content. And Google will be more convinced that your page is the right search result.

The only thing you need to do is adding a few lines of HTML to your page layout.

OK, let's get started!

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